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Updated Nov 16, 2010

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What's Here?

Introduction to ZTERM for Pocket PC
Handling terminal emulation on the Pocket PC
Product Status - find out about the current and upcoming releases
Install ZTERM - pretty simple really!


Looking for a terminal emulator for your Pocket PC? You're at the right place! ZTERM for Pocket PC brings tried and trusted accurate terminal emulation to your handheld device and is already used by thousands of users to connect their desktop and handheld PCs to host computers and devices like routers and switches.

ZTERM for Pocket PC emulates these popular terminals:

and connects to the host computer or device via:

ZTERM supports multiple profiles allowing you to easily switch between different operating modes. It has user programable menus that with three taps can send strings to the host - excellent for sending commands to configure a router.

Handling terminal emulation on the Pocket PC

The screen layout of the Pocket PC makes 80 column terminal emulation difficult - particually due to the width of the display. Other terminal emulation vendors that support these size displays have gotten around the problem by using scrollbars. Due to the single-click design of the Pocket PC and the fact that scrollbars take up valuable screen space, we made them optional and provide a button that switches views.

Emulator - left Emulator - right
Emulator - auto Emulator - full

The first two views are the left and right halves of the emulator display. The third view is a mode where the display switches between the two halves based on the current cursor position and the last is the entire 80 column display - as you can see, it's quite hard to read.

We also provide a more conventional scrollbar enabled view and have an alternate menu with four user programmable hotkeys - in addition to the eighty user-buttons which can be accessed with three taps. By programming the user-buttons and hotkeys you can enable your host application so that the user rarely has to bring up the software keyboard.

Emulator - Scroll Mode  

ZTERM for Pocket PC also supports landscape operation with programs such as JS Landscape. Using this utility on a Compaq iPAQ with ZTERM results in a usable full 80 column display.

Multiple Configuration Support

ZTERM for Pocket PC supports multiple profiles, each maintaining it's own settings and options. Once you've got your profile setup for access to your host, you can share it with other ZTERM users using the Infrared port on your Pocket PC. Profiles can even be sent to Handheld PC users running ZTERM for Windows CE.

Profile Display 

Product Status

ZTERM for Pocket PC is now available for purchase. It shares common registration codes with ZTERM for Windows CE which runs on Handheld PC devices - if you purchase a ZTERM CE registration code, you get a code that works on both the HPC and the Pocket PC. Registration fees are $59.95 per copy. If you require multiple copies, we suggest you contact one of our distributors rather than buying individual licenses on-line.

Now that version 2.1 is released, we'll be working on version 2.2 which will support file transfer capabilities both over network and serial connections. We're of course welcome feedback from users running the 2.1 release, however, we suggest reading the ZTERM for Pocket PC Known Issues page before you submit a bug report.. You can also read the release notes here.

Install ZTERM!

Simple - go to our downloads page and download the setup utility to your PC. When you run this utility, ZTERM will be installed automatically on your Pocket PC using ActiveSync.