What people are saying

Updated May 1, 2002

It's really cool to get fan mail about software one writes. Here are some of what our users are saying about ZTERM:

"I installed an evaluation copy on one of my client's machines (the CFO!) and he was thrilled! I was pleased to present a VERY cost effective solution that provided all of the functionality the client needed with the added benefit of eliminating the "dumb" terminals from from the users' desktops. The most attractive part to the CFO was that he no longer needs to continue maintenance costs of the AM terminals." - Paul Shahood, Consultant.

"I just wanted to send you an email about how well ZTERM is going and how excited our many customers were this week when we showed it to them. Some were new users who had never seen it before and others use it every day. All were very impressed with the many features both new and old, ease of install, ease of use, and the wonderful integration from AMOS and UNIX directly to Excel, Word etc.

CCC is so glad to be able to use this product since it just makes our customers happy and has done a great job of lowering our support calls on PC terminal emulation issues. I also want to thank you for your great response to new ideas and changes, and of course to fixing any problems we might find." - Alan Christensen, President, Christensen Computer Company

"Hello! I'm a ZTERM user with the YMCA in San Diego, let me first start by telling you that ZTERM has evolved into an incredibly powerful and very useful terminal emulator. We've replaced our installed base of AlphaLAN with ZTERM and it's been the best thing we've ever done, especially with all the integration that Alan Christensen at CCC has included with his software." - John Merritt, YMCA San Diego.

"ZTERM in the Contemporary Cybernetics CY-350 mode provides the ideal color emulation for the Metropolis environment. That capability, combined with its speed, features, and low cost, makes ZTERM our emulator of choice." - Chris Sayers, Director of Information Services, Flexben Corpopation

"...these questions came up while demoing ZTERM to an AMOS AlphaLAN (DOS) user that is considering switching to ZTERM rather than upgrading their AlphaLAN licenses. (Talking to them about AlphaLAN reminded me of how good ZTERM is.)" - Steve Ash, Alpha Clean Systems Inc.

"ZTERM is the best terminal emulator for AMOS that I have ever seen. It is reliable and feature loaded. It also works well as a telnet client in a network environment. After trying AlphaLAN, I was happy to find ZTERM so simple to setup and bug free" - Ken, System Administrator at Floridus Ltd.

"Rod I downloaded ZTERM for my HP Jornada 820 and it rocks. I do a lot of remote configuring of switches and hubs as well as other stuff. ... Thanks for writing some great code. One happy customer." - Stryder Inpyn

"Before we started using ZTERM, we were using a PC-based product call NI-Print to handle our Unix to PC printing. NI-Print would run all the time as a tray item on the desktop. Throughout the office, people were having memory problems related to printing and I always suspected NI-Print by had no way of knowing if I was right. When we switched to printing with ZTERM's LPD server, our PC printing problems disappeared. ZERM printing seems to work flawlessly for which I'm am very grateful" - Carl Staff.

In relation to ZTERM 2000's serial port passthrough mode: "Thanks very much for that. I have tweaked my application and it works a dream. A very satisfied customer!" - Paul Richardson, Stage Electrics, England.

"Again I would like to thank you for your kindnes help and support getting ZTERM. I like it very much and it works as fine as expected and I use on my machine to administer different linux and unix machines. It makes the life a little bit easier for me." - Michael Sauer, Institute of Biochemistry, Koln, Germany.