ZTERM 2000
Version 2.0, build 144 - Release Notes


Welcome to ZTERM 2000, the full feature AMOS/Unix terminal emulator written for 32-bit Windows operating systems.

ZTERM 2000 emulates the following terminals:

ZTERM 2000 supports serial connections, telnet and secure SSH sessions over TCP/IP networks, including the Internet.

Specifically Changed in this Build

Build 144 changes:

Build 143a changes:

Build 143 changes:

Build 142a changes:

Build 142 changes:

Build 141 changes:

Build 140 changes:

Build 139 changes:

Build 138 changes:

Build 137 changes:

Build 136 changes:

Build 135 changes:

Build 134a changes:

Build 134 changes:

Build 133 changes:

define server ip address :<Enter the IP address?>^M^J!<2>

Build 132 changes:

Build 131b changes:

Build 131a changes:

Build 131 changes:

Build 130a changes:

Build 130 changes:

Build 129 changes:

Build 128 changes:

NOTE: In build 128, the help file is still not completed. Once the all the bugs are gone, another release will update the help.

Build 127 changes:

Build 126 changes:

Build 125 changes:

Build 124 changes (build 124 was not a public release):


am62c 200k
:<Enter Username>
:<Enter Password>
vue :<Enter the name of the file to edit>

Build 123 changes:

Build 122 changes:

Build 121 changes:

Build 120 changes:

Build 119 changes:

Build 118 changes:

Build 117 changes:

These first notes represent changes from ZTERM 1.2.115a:


ZTERM 2000 is "shareware" software, which I personally feel is better described as "tryware". The idea is that you download ZTERM 2000 and try it out. You may run ZTERM 2000 with an evaluation license for 28-days. After the 28th day, ZTERM 2000 must be licensed or uninstalled.

To obtain a license code, simply please get in touch with one of our distributors. Theywill also be able to help you with pricing information:

Western Europe (except Italy):

ICS Software Ltd.
Phone: +44 1672 521212
Fax: +44 1672 521002
Email: zterm@folio2000.co.uk
Web: http://www.folio2000.co.uk

North America (US & Canada):

Phone: +1 818-710-8437
Fax: +1 818-704-4882
Email: zterm@microsabio.com
Web: http://www.microsabio.com


CCS Srl.
Phone +39 059 64.00.66
Fax: +39 059 64.06.06


Computer Sort.
Phone: +61 2 9807 3663
Fax: +61 2 9808 6923


Direct from COOL.STF.
Email: rod@coolstf.com
Web: http://www.coolstf.com

If you like ZTERM 2000, we recommend you register it before the 28 day deadline. Once the 28 day limit has been reached, ZTERM 2000 will no longer run. To register manually, choose "Help..." then "Register...".

If you wish to license more than 20 copies of ZTERM, you will be sent a dongle (PC security device) that connects to the parallel port on a Windows PC. With the software available from the COOL.STF website, you can then generate licenses yourself, up to the number purchased. Once the dongle has been "used", it must be returned to your distributor so that it can be "re-filled".


Please contact your distributor for support information.

Also consider reading the ZTERM 2000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which covers many of the questions people have asked about ZTERM. You can find it on the COOL.STF site
at http://www.coolstf.com/zterm/ztfaq.html

Windows Compatibility

ZTERM 2000 is compatible and has been tested with these modern Windows operating systems:

Also available as a seperate product, ZTERM CE 2.1 supports:

For Pocket PC users, we also have ZTERM for Pocket PC which supports:

For users of older Microsoft Windows operating systems, ZTERM 1.2 is also available. Windows 3.1 based systems also need Win32s installed from Microsoft.


Just download and run the appropriate ZTERM 2000 installer. ZTERM 2000 will be automatically installed for you. Choose the file that matches you operating system.