Network Licensing

Updated October 10, 1998


ZTERM 2000 can be either licensed by use of a cryptographic registration key entered on each PC or via a Windows NT-based network by using a Network Dongle connected to a Windows NT Server somewhere on the network. Obviously, the network installation means that ZTERM 2000 can be rapidly deployed and that licenses can be shared between users on an as needed basis.

This document deals with the installation and usability issues related to network licensing.

Server Installation

The network licensing server can be run on Windows NT Server or Workstation. Windows 95 and Windows 98 are also supported, however, it is highly recommended that you do not run network licensing on Windows 95/98 since the licensing server program that needs to be running continuously since on Windows 95/98 there is no concept of a service. This means that if the system requires a network login, the network licensing server will not start until after the login has completed and of course, with an unattended PC, this means ZTERM 2000 network licensing will not work should the system reboot after a power outage for example.

Windows NT

After the setup program has finished:

  1. Open the Control Panel. If the Control Panel is already open, press F5 to refresh the view.
  2. You'll see a new icon called "HL-Server Administration". Open this item.
  3. Click on the Service/Install to start the service. Answer the questions as appropriate..
  4. Click on Edit/Add Hardlock. When prompted, enter "15105" and then click "Add".

Windows 95/98

After the setup program has finished:

  1. Locate the hls32.exe file that was installed in your \Windows\System directory.
  2. Create a shortcut to this program in the Startup folder and modify the startup parameters to include "-module:15105".
  3. Launch this shortcut and the server should start

Client Installation

When the network licensing setup program has finished, it leaves a copy of the Hardlock setup utility in either \Winnt\System32 or \Windows\System with the name 'hldrv32.exe'. Transfer this file to a share on the server with public access.

Either before or after installing ZTERM 2000 on each PC, launch the 'hldrv32.exe' file on each PC to install the Hardlock driver on the PC. Although the device is installed remotely, various device drivers need to be installed on the PC in order for the network licensing software to work.

When both ZTERM 2000 and the Hardlock driver are installed, click on Help/Register, select the "Network Licensing" option. The server field can be as follows:

  1. Blank. ZTERM 2000 will search the local network by sending broadcast packets looking for the Hardlock server.
  2. IP address/Internet domain name. ZTERM 2000 will attempt to contact the server, spanning routers as necessary.
  3. NetBIOS Name. As per an IP Address, but requires either a completed lmhosts file or access via the network to a WINS server for name resolution.

Usage Notes

When ZTERM 2000 authenticates it's license over the network, it checks in with the Hardlock server every 10 seconds. If no reply is received to this message within 20 seconds, a license violation error will be displayed and ZTERM 2000 will shutdown two minutes after this warning.

The licensing terms of ZTERM 2000 dictate that when ZTERM 2000 is run on a Windows NT Terminal Server, each instance of ZTERM 2000 counts as a client license, even if more than one instance come from the same client terminal. On all other supported platforms, each PC counts as single license on the Hardlock server.