Customizing the ZTERM 2000 Distribution Set

Updated: February 11, 2000

When deploying ZTERM on a large site with a common configuration, rather than re-configure each PC's ZTERM settings, it's often much simpler to build your own custom ZTERM distribution set on a test PC and then distribute that set to your users for installation.

To do this, all you need is a copy of InstallShield Express from InstallShield Software Corporation and the template file we use to build the distribution set - zterm32.iwz - which can be obtained from the Download section.

The steps to build your own distribution set are:

  1. Install ZTERM onto your PC, but override the destination folder and choose "c:\zterm"
  2. Run ZTERM in that folder and setup ZTERM's options as you wish
  3. If you only use one or two emulators, you can remove the ones you don't use - ZTERM dynamically figures out which ones are present and adjusts it's menus and dialogs appropriatley.
  4. If you want your own splash logo rather than the default COOL.STF logo, just make a Windows bitmap called zterm.bmp and place it in c:\zterm folder and add it to InstallShield.
  5. When you're happy with the configuration, launch the zterm32.iwz file and rebuild the set which can now be distributed to your users

If you have questions about this procedure, feel free to drop us a line.