All responses from TSReader's control server are prefixed with a three digit decimal number to allow easy parsing by non-human clients.

Informational Responses

Informational responses contain data requested of the control server and start with 2xx.

200 The control server sign-in message - conveys TSReader version number when first connecting.
201 Responses to the HELP or ? command
202 Responses to the PROGRAM command without parameters. Data sent is the 5-digital decimal program number followed by either the short SDT channel name for DVB muxes or the Service Name from the TCVT for ATSC muxes. This data is repeated for each channel defined in the PAT or created with the manual channel feature. The currently selected program (if any) is indicated by an asterix at the end of the line.
203 Responses to the SOURCE command without parameters. TSReader sends the names of the sources with the currently selected source indicated by an asterix at the end of the line.
204 Responses to the SETVLC command without parameters. TSReader sends the VLC configuration number along with the description.
205 Further responses to the SETVLC command without parameters. TSReader sends the VLC command for the configuration previously sent with a 204 response.
206 Responses to the AUDIO command without parameters
207 Responses to the RECORD command without parameters
208 Responses to the INFO command
209 Responses to the PIDS command
210 Responses to the SETTING command without paramters

Acknowledgment Responses

These responses are returned for Control Server commands that don't include any data. These responses start with 3xx.

300 Program specified in the PROGRAM command was sucessfully selected
301 TERMINATE starting. This is likely to get returned but depending on the speed of the machine may not be. Monitoring the validity of this socket connection may be a better way to determine when TSReader has indeed terminated.
302 The PLAY command is starting playback on the output specified.
303 The STOP command is proceeding.
304 The RECORD command is starting
305 The VLC configuration command was updated.
306 The record/stream audio stream has been set in response to the AUDIO command
307 The source has been updated by the SOURCE command. Now the TUNE command should be sent to restart the source
308 Source restarted - sent in response to the TUNE command
309 XML or HTML has been exported sucessfully with the EXPORT command
310 The GRAPH command was successfully completed.
311 The STALL command completed and tables are decoded ready for EXPORT
312 The STALL command timed-out. Tables are still being updated.
313 THUMBNAIL command sucessful.
314 PROGRAM command has completed.
315 INFO command has completed.
316 WINDOW command has completed.
317 PIDS command has completed.
318 The THUMBNAIL command (other than write) has completed.
319 Graph mode has been switched to REALTIME.
320 Graph mode has been switched to AVERAGE.
321 Graph refresh rate has been updated.
322 Manual channel added.
323 SETTING has been updated successfully
324 DISEQC sequence sent

Specified counters reset

Graph sent via control server socket

Graph saved to file
328 XMLTV channel command completed
329 XMLTV programme command completed
330 Caption decoder has been started
331 Caption decoder has been stopped
332 Caption logging started
333 Caption logging disabled
334 FORWARD PIDFILTER command completed
FORWARD module activated
FORWARD module decactivated
UDPFORWARD activated
UDPFORWARD deactivated
341 Response to the TIMESYNC command
Password accepted
TSBITCOUNTER logging is disabled
TSBITCOUNTER logging is enable
SCTE-35 logging is disabled
SCTE-35 logging is enabled
The Stream Monitor has been started
The Stream Monitor has been stopped
The Stream Monitor status has been sent
Any unreported Stream Monitor errors have been sent
Start of the TIMING data
End of the timing data

Error Responses

These Control Server responses commence with either 5xx or 6xx and indicate an error in the command syntax or TSReader state.

500 Unrecognized command was sent
501 Invalid program number specified in the PROGRAM command
502 Program number specified doesn't exist in the current mux
503 TERMINATE command not complete
504 TERMINATE command-sequence incorrect - you didn't specify xyzzy on the TERMINATE command
505 PLAY command incomplete - must include the output device
506 Already playing - TSReader is currently playing a service - the STOP command should be issued before a new PLAY command.
507 No program was selected for playback/record - the PROGRAM command should be use to set the channel to playback or record.
508 The output device in the PLAY command is incorrect.
509 The STOP command is ignored because recording or playback is not currently active
510 No filename was specified for the RECORD command
511 Record mode was not valid. Current record options are ALL and PROGRAM
512 No parameters for the EXPORT command
513 No filename given for the EXPORT command
514 EXPORT mode was not valid. Current export options are HTML, XML and XMLTV
515 VLC configuration number incorrect in the SETVLC command.
516 Invalid audio track specified in the AUDIO command
517 Recording is not currently active (response to the RECORD with no paramters command)
518 Unable to locate the source name specified in the SOURCE command
519 The source name specified in the SOURCE command doesn't refer to a valid TSReader source file.
520 Unable to open the specified file for the EXPORT command
521 No parameters were specified in the TUNE command. Even if the source doesn't take any parameters (like the Linear Systems ASI card), you still need a space after the TUNE command.
522 The source rejected the parameters specified in the TUNE command.
523 No parameters were specified on the GRAPH command.
524 The GRAPH mode parameter is incorrect.
525 The STALL command is missing parameters.
526 The STALL timeout is incorrect.
527 The parameters on the HELP command-line aren't recognized.
528 No parameters specified in the THUMBNAIL command
529 No filename specified in the THUMBNAIL command
530 Invalid program number range in the THUMBNAIL command (valid range is 1 through 65535)
531 Invalid program number for the THUMBNAIL command (program is not present in the current mux)
532 No video thumbnail exists for the program (THUMBNAIL command)
533 There was a problem writing the thumbnail file specified.
534 No parameters specified for the INFO command
535 INFO command mode incorrect.
536 No parameters specified for the WINDOW command.
537 WINDOW command parameter incorrect.
538 No refresh rate provided with the GRAPH REFRESH command.
539 Channel number or PCR PID incorrect for MANUALCHANNEL.
540 No parameters specified with MANUALCHANNEL.
541 Invalid program number for MANUALCHANNEL.
542 Channel already exists.
544 Invalid elementary stream parameters in MANUALCHANNEL.
545 No elementary streams were specified with the MANUALCHANNEL command.
546 Too many channels defined.
547 SETTING subparameter or value missing
548 SETTING true/false setting incorrect
549 SETTING subparameter incorrect
550 Source doesn't support DiSEqC positioner commands
551 Source doesn't contain a DiSEqC entry-point
552 No parameters for the DISEQC command
553 Invalid DiSEqC sequence
554 No DiSEqC message found
555 No counters reset mask specified
556 No RESET value specified
557 No graphs currently active
558 Graph PNG filename wasn't spciefied
559 No XMLTV parameters
560 XMLTV channel id is misformed - needs the program-name format
561 XMLTV programme stop time missing
562 XMLTV programme channel missing
563 XMLTV programme title missing
564 XMLTV programme description missing
565 XMLTV programme channel is misformed - needs the program-name format
566 XMLTV command not recognized
567 XMLTV program has no duration
568  No parameters specified in the CAPTION command
570 Program not selected in the CAPTION command
571 Caption decoder can't be stopped as its not active
572 Caption decoder log can't be enabled because the caption decoder isn't active (use CAPTION ON first)
573 Parameters for the CAPTION LOG command are missing
574 CAPTION LOG filename missing
575 CAPTION LOG flags are zero - this would mean logging nothing
576 CAPTION LOG is already active - stop with CAPTION LOG (no other parameters) and then repeat the command
577 CAPTION command not understood (not ON, OFF or LOG)
XMLTV REMAP filename wasn't provided
XMLTV post export command not specified
An error occurred when sending a graph's PNG file over the socket
An error occurred writing a graph's PNG file
The STALL sub-command parameter wasn't understood
The FORWARD command didn't have any parameters
Not enough parameters for the FORWARD command
The forwarder module specified was not found
The forwarder can't be activated since it's already active
The forwarder module cannot be activated
The forwarder module can't be decativated since it's not already active
The forwarder module didn't deactivate
Unknown FORWARD sub-command
The UDPFORWARD command had no parameters
UDPFORWARD can't be started since it's already running
The UDP forwarder can't be stopped since it's not already running
no longer used
Invalid UDPFORWARD PROGRAM program number
UDPFORWARD PROGRAM command couldn't open the Windows registry
The UDPFORWARD MUX command cannot be used when the UDP forwarder is running
UDPFORWARD MUX command couldn't open the Windows registry
Unrecognized UDPFORWARD sub-command
600 Problem enabling the program to forward with UDPFORWARD PROGRAM
Problem disabling the program to forward with UDPFORWARD PROGRAM
The PASSWORD command is incomplete (no password specified)
The password is incorrect
The LOG command is incorrectly formatted
Response when attempting  to turn off TSBITCOUNTER logging when its not enabled
Response when attempting to turn on TSBITCOUNTER when its already turned on
LOG TSBITCOUNTER is not followed by ON or OFF
Attempted to turn off SCTE-35 logging that's not enabled
Attemping to turn on SCTE-35 logging that's already enabled
SCTE-35 log file could not be opened
Unknown LOG mode command
No sub command sent with the STREAMMONITOR command
The Stream Monitor cannot be started because it is already running
The Stream Monitor is not running
Unknown STREAMMONITOR sub-command
No parameters for the TIMING command
The TIMING function is already active when a TIMING START command was received
The video/audio chart is active when a TIMING START command was received
The video/audio timing function was not active when a TIMING STOP command was received
Unknown TIMING sub-command