Please note: Prerelease TSReader install programs are not digitally signed unlike release versions. You will likely see a warning message from your web browser when you try to install these versions.

Version 2.8, build 54a:
  • Lite: Fixed a bug where pressing F5 didn't refresh the thumbnail view
  • Pro: Added DVB/SCTE-27 subtitle streams to the video/audio timing function since these also contain PTS
  • All: Added support for DVB Modulator Interface (T2-MI) streams. These are transport streams that contain full DVB-T2 transmission frames and are used to provide streams and timing information to DVB-T2 transmitters. When this mode is enabled, TSReader shows the resulting transport stream as if it were looking at the modulated output
  • Std/Pro: Added support for IPV6 UDP and RTP to the IPTV source module
  • All: The Dektec QAM sources now support the DTU-238
  • All: Fixed an issue with ATSC channel names containing special characters
  • All: Added decoding for ISO extended descriptors
  • Std/Pro: Added decoding for H.265 chroma encoding format