Developer's Index

Updated January 23, 2008


We've tried to make TSReader easy to interface with. Using the control server requires only a simple telnet interface, but all other TSReader related programming needs knowledge of C and/or C++ on Windows-based computers.

Control Server A telnet-style server inside TSReader. Allows either human or programatic control over TSReader
TSReader Source Modules TSReader receives MPEG-2 transport streams from device specific DLLs. If you have hardware that's not supported by TSReader and you want to develop an interface, you need to develop a Source Module.
Command Line Command line options for TSReader.
MDPlugins TSReader supports a popular plug-in model named after an MPEG-2 playback application "MultiDec".
Hardware A list of currently supported hardware.
IP over MPEG-2 Information about IP/DVB and IP/ATSC decoding in TSReader
Registry Settings Registry values used by TSReader.
Descriptor Information A list of descriptors supported by TSReader along with information on developing custom descriptor parsers in the Professional version.
Serial Receivers For those using a commercial receiver with an ASI or SPI interface. We supply modules with receivers for popular receivers and there's source code available to develop a custom serial control routine.
XML Export Information Details of the XML produced by TSReader.