Chaparral Montery 140 Receiver

Chaparral Montery 140 Interface 

Updated October 23, 2000


The Montery 140 interface in DVBEdit connects the selected channel on your DVB2000 receiver to a satellite and polarity defined on your Montery 140. When you change channel on your DVB2000 receiver, the Montery will automatically switch to the appropriate satellite!

You need the following equipment to make this happen:

DVBEdit and Channel Setup

In DVBEdit, go to File/Preferences and set the COM port that the Montery 140 is connected to. The baud rate doesn't matter since the Montery 140 is fixed at 9600 baud.

"T5 H MPEG2" as the name. Channel number 98 and input set to the input from the Nokia
"T5 V MPEG2" as the name. Channel number 99 and input set to the input from the Nokia


Once you've got all the channels on both receivers setup correctly, launch DVBEdit and load the channels from the receiver. Select Tools/Montery 140 Interace. You'll then be shown a dialog:

Montery 140 Interface Dialog

As you change channels on the Nokia, DVBEdit will figure out if you've changed satellite and/or polarity and then tell the Montery 140 to go to the appropriate channel. Keep in mind that the channels loaded in DVBEdit must match the channels on the Nokia. If you add new channels, stop the Montery 140 Interface, re-load the channel list into DVBEdit and move the new channels into the appropriate location. Send the channels back to the Nokia and then re-start the Montery 140 Interface.